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What is ESG?

ESG comes from the words Environmental, Social and Governance and describes the environmental, social and societal impacts of a company's operations and how they are managed in the company. Here we talk about the ESG principles of Lapland Dream Villas.

The promise of responsibility

When I started wilderness guided tours as early as the mid-1980s, I realized the value of nature, wilderness forests, clean streams, and waters. Not only as a value for productization in nature tourism but also as a mental well-being for us local people. For the young man born in Lapland, the wilderness forest and the free-flowing uninhabited river environment formed a combination, which I later allegorically saw as a “vagabond” that saw the world as a combination of opera and church. One was not interested and the other, in this case an opera, was at 1,100 km distance. The wilderness experience of nature combined both the pantheistic conception of God and replaced cultural hunger with the ever-changing stage of nature, while increasing and strengthening both mental and physical well-being.

Since I was young, I have taken care of, influenced and taken a stand mainly for the changing forest nature of Lapland. Only now, after decades, can I say how right we have been. Responsible nature tourism already generates many times more growth here than, for example, open or final felling, which takes place at the extremes.

Free-flowing waters and swaying pinewoods are both ethically and financially our vast resource and sustainable source of income now and in the future. For this reason, at Lapland Dream Villa, we are committed to complying with and being a pioneer in the field of environmental responsibility, socio-cultural responsibility and financial responsibility.

Lauri & Anna Temmes


Environmental responsibility

All Lapland Dream villas are equipped with underfloor heating and geothermal heat. The heat pumps are energy class A ++ and they are heat pumps made in Finland by Lämpöässä.

The villas are insulated with wood fiber insulation, the floors with Finnfoam. All timber, building materials and labor used in the buildings are from Lapland. The carpenters are from the municipality of Muonio.

The villas have the possibility to charge all-electric and hybrid cars. The fast charging stations are designed by Plugit Finland, Finland's leading supplier of charging stations.

The fireplaces in the villas are Finnish soapstone stoves, which are energy-saving and store the heat. The sauna stoves of the outdoor saunas are modern and heat up quickly.

Firewood is a mixed log of sustainable overgrowth thinning in the vicinity.


We operate in the immediate vicinity of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Our location gives our customers added value for recreation, e.g. in the form of skiing, cycling, hiking and canoeing. The location of this most popular national park in Finland gives us a competitive advantage and responsibility for sustainable hiking in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.


Socio-Cultural Responsibility

In all our operations, we primarily use local actors. The Lapland architects and engineers are responsible for the interior design and design of the villas. The works of art are the handwriting of a Lapland artist. All furniture and fixtures are domestic and e.g. cabinets and bespoke staircases are made by Lapland companies.


We use local food and food purchases are centralized in local stores. We prefer the “cleanest water" in our own wells and we encourage not to use bottled water.


We prefer local craftsmen; we encourage you to buy local artisan socks and gloves instead of disposable heaters.


We lend equipment to customers and advise you to avoid buying it.


We recycle waste, encourage the use of collection bins and the use of pledges for bottles and cans.


Financial responsibility

We pay our partners fair compensation for the services we use, such as cleaning, dog sledding and catering services. We make sure that our operations are profitable and we enter into cooperation agreements on an ongoing basis.

We do not exploit cheap labor, we avoid the exploitation of trainees’ input, and we recognize the importance of continuity and predictability for the lives of employees and partners.

We sustainably maintain our property in terms of both energy efficiency and aesthetics. In this way, we will avoid energy-intensive and environmentally harmful renovations in the future.


Want to know more?

We are happy to tell you more about our values and goals regarding sustainable tourism. Take contact!

We have been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

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